Engage the Power of Nutrition

Engage Agro Europe specialises in crop enhancement and nutritional products for agriculture, horticulture, turf and ornamentals.

  • These products are research-driven, with proven proprietary formulations that improve plant health and performance.
  • We specialise in the introduction and commercialisation of innovative, highly effective and economical solutions for growers and distributors.
  • Our product range is backed up by strong nutritional and agronomic support.
  • Engage Agro’s crop nutrition products address agricultural issues through improved agronomic practice.

* Aqualatus in the UK market and Integrate in the rest of Europe.

Integrate launches in the UAE

Elite World logo

Engage Agro are pleased to announce the completion of a new partnership in the UAE with Elite World Trading for as Master distributor for their technologies across the MENA region. The team at Elite World have been instrumental in the development of Engage Agro’s Integrate technology over the past two years which will be the first technology to be released in the region

‘We welcome Elite World Trading into the Engage Agro family’

said Commercial Director Mark Horner,

‘We have been delighted with the efforts of CEO Rola Alatiyat and her team and look forward to developing a bespoke range of technologies for this important region’.

General Trading L.L.C


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