Billboards adverts in Spain promoting Integrate

billboardThis is part of our continuing support of the our Spanish company Engage Agroliner and is part of a promotional campaign to increase awareness that Integrate will reduce water and fertiliser requirement in the Mediterranean by up to 50% without loss of yield or quality.

The unique makeup of the polymers involved in Integrate coat every soil particle and allow them to hold more water around their surface increasing water movement into the soil profile and slowing its progress through to sub soil. This effect dramatically increases the level of moisture around the roots of crops plus the fertilisers dissolved in the water.’

The billboards are located in strategic points in the three main growing regions of Almeria – Almeria itself, El Ejido in the west and Nijar in the East.  The local response has already been positive with many distributor being asked about this ground  breaking technology.

For further information:
Engage Agro Europe Ltd
Mark Horner, Commercial Director
Tel: + 44 (0) 7502 300477