Is Bio-Chel Ca the best Calcium source in the world?


At Engage Agro we think so.  Let us explain why…Bio-Chel-Ca-bottles

Bio-Chel Ca is the strongest calcium chelate in the world!

For delivery of calcium to roots or leaves a chelated nutrient will always supply more nutritional element than a compound salt as the chelate claw prevents nutrient being lost to the plant from reaction with other nutrients and will be available at a wider pH range. Also, for foliar delivery it is well known that chelates are superior to compound salts. Bio-Chel Calcium liquid is 10% CaO which is 40% stronger than any other calcium chelate available today. It is fully available at a wider pH range (4-10) than other calcium nutrients (6.5-8.5).

Bio-Chel Ca is ‘Pure’ Calcium

An important distinction for Bio-Chel Ca is its purity as all other calcium nutrients will have another salt attached such as nitrate, sulphate, phosphate, chloride or other, which the plant must deal with. Sulphate and chloride are adverse ions which although required in small amounts can be damaging at higher levels to many crop species. Nitrate stimulates apical growth which automatically drives calcium movement to the stimulated growing points and not to other parts of the plant where is it needed such as flowers, fruits, and storage organs. Bio-Chel Ca is pure calcium so it is delivered at the highest level to all parts of the plant when applied, allowing its use throughout the season.

Cations enter plant leaves at 100 times the level of anions

Compound salts such as calcium nitrate, calcium phosphate/phosphite or other come with two parts, the positively (+) charged calcium cation and the negatively charged (-) anion of nitrate, sulphate, phosphate/phosphite or chloride. These salt bonds are strong and as leaves are naturally negatively charged the anions are repelled which hinders calcium movement into the leaf. Bio-Chel Calcium is 100% cation so it is unhindered during foliar application and will be used by the plant at higher levels.

Bio-Chel Ca penetrate leaves at the highest levels

Calcium is the largest molecule of all nutrients consistently applied via foliar application to crops and can only enter leaves through tiny pores on the surface. The pores can be stimulated to open wider via the addition of organic compounds which the leaf can use. The widening of the pores allows more calcium molecules to penetrate the leaf. Bio-Chel Ca is organically chelated and naturally contains multiple organic compounds so when applied foliarly it penetrates as the highest rates possible.

Bio-Chel Ca Coverage

Bio-Chel Ca contains natural surface-active polymers. This ensures even calcium distribution over the leaf surface without the need for additional adjuvants. Another advantage of this when using Bio-Chel Ca is that it remains hygroscopic after application. This holds the calcium in a water-soluble form on the leaf so that it can diffuse and penetrate the leaf even after the spray application has dried. Standard foliar calcium sprays quickly dry out and are lost to the crop while Bio-Chel Ca remains moist and therefore active.

Application Efficacy

For all the above reasons the efficacy of calcium delivery to crops from Bio-Chel Ca is proven to be second none and this is borne out by the application rates. The normal application rate is 2.0 litres per hectare rising to a maximum of 5.0 litres for growth stage applications on vegetable crops.

Bio-Chel Ca is Non-Reactive


The chelation in Bio-Chel Ca is strong which prevents the calcium from actively reacting with other elements and salts. This sets Bio-Chel Ca apart from all other calcium fertilisers as it will sit in any spray tank without fear of reaction. It can be mixed with sulphate and phosphate/phosphite fertilisers and all known pesticides which maximises its flexibility in use.

Safety of Bio-Chel Ca

Due to its formulation and chelation, Bio-Chel Ca is very safe on crops. In trials applications of up 30 litres per hectare of Bio-Chel Ca is proven to be harmless to even the most sensitive crops. This allows its use at all stages of production from seedlings and cuttings to open flower on all fruiting species. It is safe enough to be used alongside Bacillus products such as Serenade and other beneficial pathogens and will, due to its organic base, support colonisation.

pH-imageBio-Chel Ca and Irrigation

As a root calcium source Bio-Chel Ca is ideal to bridge the traditional issue of nitrogen/calcium ratio we find in the production of media grown salads and fruiting crops. Bio-Chel Ca It will sit in stock tanks alongside other nutrient as a calcium source for the roots as long as the pH is above 2.0 and can be used in any irrigation system with any growing media.

Price of Bio-Chel Ca

Many crops have a continual calcium demand across a growing season, so the cost of regular foliar support can be an issue. Cost in use is especially important. For a product which is relatively inexpensive, yet requires 10-12 kg/L per hectare, the cost soon mounts up. Conversely, high efficacy products with a ‘technology’ added can be expensive per kg/L, so again, cost rockets.
Engage Agro, invented, developed and produce Bio-Chel Ca to be highly cost effective in use. Not only does the efficacy allow for a lower application rate but the cost per kg/L is highly competitive, allowing its regular use in all crops.

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