The best Calcium source in the world!

Bio-Chel Ca is an organically chelated calcium which provides the ultimate in efficacy when applied to foliage or roots. A chelated nutrient will always supply more nutritional element than a compound salt and for foliar delivery it is well known that chelates are far superior all other sources.

Bio-Chel Calcium is the strongest calcium chelate in the world and comes in two forms.

  • As a 22% CaO powder designed for use in irrigation systems
  • As a 10% CaO liquid, 40% stronger than any other liquid calcium chelates available today.


Both versions are pure calcium and are fully available at a wider pH range (4-10) than other calcium nutrients (6.5-8.5).

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Bio-Chel Fe is organically chelated iron source designed for use in all crops and in all growing systems.

Highly efficacious, Bio-Chel Fe will provide optimal iron delivery across a wide range of pH 2-9 and can be applied for use by both foliage and roots. Unlike other Iron chelates, Bio-Chel Fe is renown for its safety on crop and comes in three forms for optimal use.

  • As a 10% Fe Granular designed for use in irrigation systems for soil grown crops and bioactive substrates such as peat, coir and peat free – plant based.
  • As a 11% Fe Hi Granular, designed for use in clean hydroponic systems such as coir, rockwool perlite and NFT.
  • As a 5% Fe liquid, for foliar application which both highly efficacious and cost effective.


Opti-Cal is a foliar calcium delivery product which moves calcium in a completely new direction. Opti-Cal uses a collection of technical advancements to deliver a foliar calcium that works on the leaf like no other calcium fertiliser.

Opti-Cal contains a unique MAS calcium package plus the natural organic chemistry of its Bio-Chel chelation; these synergistically work together to optimise leaf acceptance of calcium.

  • Bio-Chel Ca

    A multi-function calcium, providing growers and farmers with a new source of available calcium which helps to maintain nutrients in forms that are more bio-available to the plant.

    Crops: Ideal for all fruit, vegetables, salads and ornamentals. Can be applied to the root or as a foliar spray.

    Use: To correct calcium deficiency and minimise calcium related disorders. To optimise cell division during flowering and the early development of fruit to support optimum yield and quality. The calcium sources in Bio-Chel Ca will rapidly strengthen the walls of cuticle cells in leaves and fruits to protect against disease ingress and optimise shelf life and storage potential. Also Bio-Chel Ca provides the essential nutrient to be applied during flower initiation.


    Bio-Chel Ca Liquid – 10% CaO

  • Bio-Chel Fe

    Bio-Chel Fe is a new highly soluble organically chelated iron designed for growers of high performance crops in both granular and liquid form.

    Crops: Ideal for fruits, vegetables, salads, sugar beet, ornamentals, grasses and sportsturf.

    Use: When used in fertigation systems Bio-Chel Fe granular provides a highly effective chelated iron source to provide available nutrient for an extended period. Bio-Chel Fe Granular can be used singly or in blends of soluble powders or added to existing feed mixes. Being more available than other chelated or amino acid sources makes Bio-Chel Fe Granular ideal for use in both soil and all substrate growing systems.
    Bio-Chel Fe Liquid is ideal for foliar application or for use is liquid stock solutions to provide a fully miscible iron source which highly bioavailable and is highly effective on leaf. Unlike other foliar chelated irons, Bio-Chel is safe to use even in warmer temperatures.

    Bio-Chel Fe Granular – 10% Fe
    Bio-Chel Fe Liquid – 5% Fe

  • Opti-Cal™

    The creation of Opti-Cal moves calcium nutrition in a completely new direction. Opti-Cal uses a collection of technological advancements to deliver a foliar calcium that works on the leaf like no other calcium fertiliser.
The unique MAS Calcium package within Opti-Cal, along with the natural organic chemistry of its Bio-Chel chelation, synergistically work together to optimise leaf acceptance of calcium.
    Crops: Ideal for all crops especially Tree fruit, Vine crops, soft fruit, legumes, brassicas, salad/herb crops and flowering ornamentals
    Use: Within this multi-technology formulation are specific plant extracts which work to stimulate the acceptance calcium into the leaf. Once in the leaf the Mas package supports acceptance of intracellular solutes at higher levels especially those accepting calcium. This allows calcium to be held at the highest levels in fruits and other fresh produce.

    Opti-Cal – 10% CaO