Engage Agro Europe presents Calci-pure Calcium Nitrate

Engage Agro Europe had added a new calcium product to its range of crop nutrients.  Calci-pure Calcium Nitrate is a technical grade calcium nitrate perfect for use in hydroponic growing systems.

Calci-pure Calcium Nitrate offers the following benefits:

  • Higher calcium level 27.5%
  • Low NH4 level 0.5%
  • Super solubl
  • eNo anti-caking agent so clean tanks and irrigation lines

The product consists of high tech granules which are made using a unique European crystallisation system which results in many benefits above other leading calcium nitrate products.

Calci-pure Calcium Nitrate is an ideal solution for combatting calcium disorders.

Download Calci-pure Product Sheet

For further information:

Engage Agro Europe Ltd
Mark Horner, Commercial Director
Tel: + 44 (0) 7502 300477