Bio-fortification for crops

The Fortify range is designed to provide essential elements in a unique formulation that aids a plant’s bio fortification process. The Fortify formulations assist crops by maximising vascular flow and cellular processes to limit susceptibility to biotic stress and to support the growing crop during recuperation from both abiotic and biotic stress pressure.

The products are high in phosphorus and individual trace elements based to provide nutritional support and Fortify Cu also contains Engage Agro’s  ‘halide ion’ technology which provides greater protection to applied crops. The product nutrient base within the range allows the technology access to all crop types.

  • Fortify Cu

    7-16-0+1.5% Cu

    Crops: Cereals, vegetables, citrus, salad vegetables, fruit and ornamentals.

    Use: A foliar copper based fertiliser designed for use in the promotion of new growth and improved yields of field crops, vegetables, fruit, citrus, and ornamentals. This is an advanced copper formulation containing key nutrients essential for photosynthesis, pollination, and maturity. Most importantly the nutrient package supports crops to maintain established yield when they are under greater stress from pathogenic pressure.

  • Fortify 30-20


    Crops: Designed for use in all crops.

    Use: An advanced zero nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus fertiliser ideal for use as irrigated or foliarly applied . Fortify 30-20 will increase the xylem and phloem mobility of nutrients when used as a regular programme and provides a strong potassium and phosphorus source which can be distributed within a plant at higher volumes. It also has biostimulatory qualities for crops to protect themselves against pathogenic pressure and is ideal for the stimulation of root initiation.

  • Fortify XD

    New to the Fortify range is unique polymer chelate of selected micronutrients designed to maximise

    nutrient transport and efficiency to support stronger crop physiology. Fortify XD allows greater systemic movement in the plant allowing the chelated nutrients to be transported in higher quantity throughout plants cells.  The formulation has positive have effects on crop physiology which extend further than traditional micronutrient sprays.