engageintegratesmA Revolution in water and nutrient management

Integrate (European market) *Aqualatus (UK market only) is a unique soil surfactant with outstanding qualities to benefit soil nutrition. Its formula, unique to Engage Agro, makes it essential for the maximum distribution of root applied nutrients to aid root functions and nutrient uptake. Most importantly regular use of Integrate/Aqualatus will slow the natural gravitational movement of water and so will reduce the overall water requirement for soil grown crops. In trials this level has been proven to be 40-50% without any loss of crop development, yield and quality

Integrate Brochure

  • Integrate/Aqualatus

    Crops: For use on all agricultural and horticultural crops. May be used in all growing soils and substrates and in all environmental conditions.

    Use: Treating soils with Integrate/Aqualatus will improve water and nutrient distribution and utilisation by expanding the root zone wetted area where larger, healthier root systems can develop to access greater levels of nutrients which result in greater quality/yield benefits.

  • Integrate movement of water

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