The Silicon range of fertilisers, bring an innovative new silicon technology to professional growing.

The unique formulations stabilises liquid silicic acid into a nutrient solution which is proven to be fully available to the plant via both foliar and root application.

Silicon is the second most abundant nutrient in the earth’s crust, however its availability to the plant is very low as plants can only access it in one form – as monosilicic acid. The silicon range from Engage Agro provides available silicon to increase the strength, growth and health of crops.

Benefits to growing crops:

  • Silicon will boost the strength of cells and increase the speed at which growth can be created so will optimise overall growth potential.
  • Silicon aids the balance of nutrient uptake by the plant by addressing the silicon requirement thereby reducing, competition for uptake against other essential elements
  • Silicon reinforces leaf cuticle and other epidermal tissues to reduce susceptibility to pathogenic and pest pressure.
  • Unlike many silicon products it is safe on crops at recommended rates.
  • Sion™

    Fighting biotic stresses to protect and strengthen your crops.

    Sion is a new silicon nutrient for foliar and irrigated application to increase the strength, growth and health of crops. This fertiliser contains a unique form of silicon which provides a proven and balanced source of available silicon to the plant.

    It boosts the strength of cells and increases the speed at which growth can be created thereby increasing overall growth potential of the plant. Sion offers improved plant cell development as well as maintaining cell integrity and plant strength. It can also increase nutrient activity, alleviate abiotic and biotic stresses, and increase the resistance of plants to pathogenic pressure.

    Crops: Fruit crops; brassicas, vegetables, root crops and ornamentals crops.

    Use: To address the silicon requirement of crops and to increase crop strength to protect against biotic stress.

  • Sentinel™

    Fighting biotic stresses to protect and aid recovery of your crops.

    Sentinel is a unique new combination of silicon and salicylic acid, created to maximise the strength and health of crops. By aiding silicon movement as it enters the plant Sentinel assists the repair and recovery of cells after periods of stress.

    It boosts the strength of cells during cellular production and increases the speed at which growth can be created so increasing overall growth potential. A crucial effect of adding silicon to crops is the visible response from the applications. Plants become stronger, with thicker stems and branches. This in turn increases the yielding potential of crops as they can support more leaf, flower and fruit.

    Crops: Fruit crops; brassicas, vegetables, potatoes, root crops, leafy salads and ornamentals crops.

    Use: To aid the strength and yield/quality potential of crops. also to aid crop recovery from physical and mechanical damage and protect against biotic stress.

  • LimaX

    LimaX is a unique blend of silicon nutrient and concentrated plant extracts.  This was created for foliar application to support the growth and health of crops and render them less palatable to slugs and snails.

    LimaX improves plant cell development by providing silicon to crops.

    LimaX supports crops in:

    Silicon deficient soils
    The maintenance of cell integrity
    Plant growth
    Strong leaf hair growth
    Providing a natural physical barrier to feeding from slugs and snails for up to 5 weeks

    All crop species naturally utilise silicon in their cellular make up.  Silicon deficiency has profound effects on cellular rigidity and permeability and overall crop biological function.  Stabilised silicic acid, which is present in LimaX, is recognised as the only viable form of silicon for increasing plant growth and maintaining crop health.

    Crops: Brassicas, potatoes, legumes, carrots/parsnips, all fruit, leafy salads, fruiting vegetables, and ornamentals.

    Use:  The unique package of plant extracts within LimaX redress many of the compounds not produced under deficiency and support the important process of photosynthesis and restorative respiration.  LimaX will support optimal nutritional levels for up to 5 weeks and regular applications will support healthy growth, yield and overall crop quality.

    LimaX is designed for foliar application, however its application to younger crops will allow some silicon to be applied to open soils which is acceptable and unlike other formulations of silicon will be available for crop use.