Our speciality range is part of Engage Agro Europe’s continued commitment to enhancing crop health, quality and yield for growers and farmers across Europe.

These unique products have been carefully selected and developed to aid crop performance, optimise crop quality or provide protection against abiotic and biotic stress factors. All address grower need and enable crops to be grown more effectively.

  • Brix Builder

    An organic crop support aid ideal for use on all plants especially flowering and fruiting species.

    A combination of naturally occurring biostimulant materials designed to aid the developmental stages of crop growth. It is rich in alginates, organic chelating agents, natural plant sugars, amino acids, polypeptides, vitamins and naturally occurring cytokinins.

    Crops: It is suitable for use on all plants especially flowering and fruit species.

    Use: To maximise any growth process by adding and stimulating carbohydrate production and mobility. Brix Builder will increase fruit number and size if applied before and during the flowering period and will aid growth during periods of poor weather. Later applications during fruit maturation will increase brix levels leading up-to harvest. Post harvest applications will aid flower initiation in fruit crops and reduce the possibility of biennial bearing in the following season. It will also aid grass growth in professional sportsturf pre-tournament and will maximise grain quality and protein levels in cereal crops

  • Frost Protect

    Frost Protect ingredients assist in frost damage prevention.

    Frost Protect is a unique frost protection agent which contains active ingredients which are taken up by the plant surface and moves between intracellular spaces to protect the internal tissue of leaves, stems and even blossom. The application process requires up to 24-36 hours to work, however once active the package of freeze reduction compounds and free-radicle stress suppressants are active in the plant for over 7 days.

    Crops: Fruit crops- protects fruit tree flowers from late spring frosts; Vegetables and ornamental crops – protects young plants during cold spells; Grapevine and forest trees – protects young shoots and leaves from frost after prior warmer periods.

    Use: Prevents valuable crops from frost damage due to its physiologically active ingredients.

  • Polli-Build

    Polli-Build, created to maximise the genetic potential of pollen.

    Polli-Build is a mixture of nutrients and organic acid technology, formulated to activate the plant’s natural biochemical pathways related to pollen germination and fertilisation, resulting in increased flower and fruit set. Polli-build also increases bee foraging within applied crops.

    Crops: It is ideal for top fruit, nut trees, berry crops, tomatoes, soybean and field beans as well as oilseed rape.

    Use: It will increase pollen hydration as it contains pollen hydrating molecules.  Also the unique composition of the micro-nutrients and organic acids present in Polli-Build increases pollen germination, pollen tube growth and bee foraging.  This results in increased fertilisation and better fruit set.

  • Pure-Mix™

    Highly effective crop nutrition.

    Pure-Mix fertilisers are a range of water soluble N:P:K and trace element powders, made using the purest raw materials, blended to the highest standard for use in fertigation and supplementary liquid feeding. Pure-Mix is available in six different ratios and two trace element blends to suit every cropping situation and formulated to suit every growing media.

    Crops: Ideal for all irrigated crops including fruit crops, vegetable crops, salads, vines, ornamentals and sports turf.

    Use: To provide the total nutritional needs of irrigated crops in both soils and substrates. Range covers both soft and hard waters.

  • Reactor™

    A unique water conditioner, acidifier and softener which is low hazard and highly effective.

    Reactor is a blend of multiple components, created specifically to be added to water solutions to aid nutrient availability and maximise the performance of foliar applied nutrients and agrochemicals.

    Crops: Reactor is a safe and easy to use liquid which can be applied to all crops.

    Use: To buffer the pH of a tank solution to improve compatibility of contents. To aid dissolution of nutrients in a stock mix and to provide more even coverage of foliar application, and shorten mixing time. It also maximises the availability of rootzone nutrients as well as maximising the efficacy of pesticides. Reactor provides a safe alternative to aggressive acids, to manage irrigation water pH.