Fantastic day at Technova in Spain, proving Integrate is the best water saving technology in the world


The surfactant Integrate by Agroliner Engage will save up to 50% water

On the 25 September, the Tecnova building in the PITA of Almeria, filled with professionals who wanted to know the results of tests conducted in this technological center with a unique product like Integrate, a surfactant patented by Engage Agro and distributed by the almeriense Agroliner, with which it is achieved to increase production and reduce irrigation water consumption up to 50%.

Presentación-Intagrate-de-Agroliner Presentación-Intagrate-de-Agroliner-2

Eva Lopez, art technology center, showed the test developed in the Integrate experimental farm Tecnova Viator zucchini in culture in which the evolution of water content in soil and growth performance was evaluated. According thereto, in a test with surfactant Integrate in a reduced 30% irrigation water and the subscriber one was obtained 14% over production; while in another test in which the reduction of water and fertilizer was 50% was achieved lift an 8% of kilos per square meter.

Eva Lopez, Tecnova.

“It increases the yield and quality of crops, including reducing the supply of water”, explained the manager Agroliner , Donato Garcia, “the humidity is maintained throughout the day and the plant has water and nutrient availability”.

Donato Garcia explained that although Integrate takes three years on the market, wanted to order these tests to an independent center as Tecnova to contrast results that aroused great excitement among technicians and farmers gathered at the Technological Park of Almería were given yesterday.

Donato Garcia, Agroliner.
Inmaculada Martinez, Agroliner.


Together with the presentation of Donato Garcia and exhibition of Eva Lopez, yesterday also featured the presentation of the agrónoma Inmaculada Martinez , technique Agroliner , who presented the product and results in different crops in different areas of Spain. Thus, for example, broccoli and onions have been tested water savings of 33% in raspberry 40%, 50% tomato or 65% melon .

Integrate increased irrigation efficiency favoring retention of irrigation water (improved filtration if soils are clayey) while optimizing the absorption of water and nutrients . Integrate increases the wet bulb and promotes lateral root development.

“Integrate moves the front salts and homogenizes the electrical conductivity of the root environment. Soil porosity increases, reducing the compactness thereof and improves the size and uniformity between the caliber of bulbs /tubers”, described Inmaculada Martinez.



In short, this product surfactant increases the water retention capacity of the soil, while the oxygenates. Integrate molecules used as the ground support to form a complex structure, actively acting on the water. Soil particles are coated with millions of micelles that retain moisture and act as bridges for microscopic water molecules. These micelles are formed by a long tail (hydrophobic) adhering to soil particles and a head (hydrophilic) that acts as a sponge to contain water molecules.

Integrate promotes lateral movement in soils or substrates , nutrients or chemicals applied in fertigation. A distributed solution Agroliner with power fertilizer with power enraizante and power quitasales.

Donato Garcia during the presentation of integrate in Tecnova.





El surfactante de Engage y Agroliner ahorra hasta un 50% de agua




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