• Client: Ben Vista Nurseries
    Crop: A Range of Crops
    Country: Northern Ireland
    Richard McMullan, Nursery Owner, Ben Vista Nurseries, Ballymena, Northern Ireland

    “Over the last season we have been working closely with Engage Agro on a wide range of their foliar sprays and soluble fertilisers. The product range is extensive and we have found many products have greatly enhanced our growing regimes and have helped to push crop productivity and quality to new levels. The support we have received from the technical advisors has been second to none, a service which we greatly appreciate. Response to queries is fast allowing us to take action quickly on any issues we may have.”

  • Client: Turlough Nursery
    Crop: A Range of Crops
    Country: Ireland
    Darragh Shaw, Turlough Nursery, Castlebar, Co. Mayo, Ireland

    “I have been using Engage Agro’s products since January 2016, the results have been instant. Andy Aspinall came and visited our business and we spent time walking around the nursery and he listened to my concerns, whilst observing and inspecting our predominately hardy nursery stock.   After studying our current practices and doing some general onsite analysis, Andy gave his recommendations. More detailed samples were also taken and sent for a full analysis, since then my crops are bigger, they appear to flower for longer and they have a much more uniform and healthier appearance. Engage have been thorough with the customer service and followed every query with speed and professionalism.

    If you use Engage-Agro`s products intelligently, I can assure you it will put money into your pocket.

  • Client: José Guillamón – leading Murcia fruit consultant.
    Crop: Madarins
    Country: Spain

    “Integrate has demonstrated that we can consume less water without sacrificing performance.”

  • Client: Fernandow Perez of El Fontanar,
    Crop: Salad Onions
    Country: Spain
    Fernandow Perez of El Fontanar, Santaella- Cordoba.

    “From the second application the area treated with Integrate only required twenty minutes of irrigation per day while the untreated area required irrigation for thirty minutes.

    The onions were larger and more uniform in size in the treated area sector, and amazingly the land has changed as well. The land is now far less compacted, the onions were far easier to lift reducing damage which meant more marketable yield and the land was far easier to prepare for the next crop. Also we have reduced our irrigation costs by 33%!”

  • Client: Vitor, Alicia
    Crop: Raspberries
    Country: Portugal
    Vitor, the farm technician highlights the benefits the farm has seen from the added investment of Integrate in the irrigation water.

    “I did not realise how much water was being lost form the surface of our soil, this was totally different once we began using Integrate. More crop had more moisture and nutrients available to the root and this has increased crop vigour, increased overall leaf canopy and the new generation of basal shoots are stronger more uniform.

    We are so pleased with Integrate and will continue to use it every season. I urge anyone growing long term berry crops to use it”