Winners of the ‘Love Cider’ Awards at the National Fruit Show 2021

It seemed fitting that Engage Agro sponsored the Love Cider Competition at The National Fruit Show this year. We help growers nurture cider apple trees, optimising their full potential and don’t mind a glass or two of it now and again!

First prize and overall winner to Taunton Cider’s Vintage; Turners Elderflower Cider from Kent won Best blended and best Pear Cider. Thanks judges Nigel Barden

Melissa Cole and Adrian Harris.

Taking the overall winning slot is Taunton Cider vintage. They also won the best Cider in the Traditional class.

In the blended class the wonderful Turners Elderflower Cider scooped the win …. and they did the double picking up first prize in the Pear and Perry category too. Their Pear Cider is some6 special.

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